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Dave's car for sale

Sadly I've come to my senses and realised I have too many projects on the go and I'm not going to get around to the baja in the next two years, at least, so decided it's up for sale.

I was planning on making a serious off roader out of this, and it's ripe for the job.

It's a '71 shell on a 60's king and link floorpan. The k&l is best for offroading as you get more travel out of them than ball joint, so you can get the front end higher! Car now looks like this on the 60's pan. Still has doors, glass etc with it:

This is it when I first got it when it was on a '71 floorpan. Has all glass, doors, etc. Car doesn't come with the wellars as they're 4 stud and car is now 5 stud. But they are for sale if you want them with it:

Unfortunately I don't have the V5 for the floorpan, but that's easily obtainable from the DVLA, and I've no idea what the No. plate is either.

The floorpan has had two new floorpan halves and comes with a complete k&l beam in great condition. The frame head is also solid. Floorpan has surface rust as seen below as it was never painted when done, but has been in a lock-up ever since.

Shell has a good baja kit on it but needs the usual channels and door pillars. But as it was going to be a proper off roader I was going to make my own, much stronger, box section in place of the heater channels. Also got a p/s heater channel somewhere I can throw in, if I can find it.

Shell is braced so still nice and straight despite being swapped onto another 'pan.

Dash has been cut about for an aftermarket stereo, but that can be cut out as any self respecting baja should have a smooth dash anyway.

No interior and no engine.

Based up in Leeds and I'm looking for £320 for it.

Any questions email

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